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Hiring a NodeJS Developer? Consider These Facts!

nodeJS is a prominent name in the list of robust technologies. With the launch of NodeJS, JavaScript became capable of developing a full-stack application without the support of any other programming language. 

Earlier, JavaScript could only run in the front-end of an application; however, when Ryan Dahl invented NodeJS in 2009, he ensured that JavaScript became powerful enough to develop a full-stack application on its own, using NodeJS in the backend. 

The above is why many companies and entrepreneurs established and new prefer to hire node js developers to integrate the robust developing environment into their tech stack. 

Prominent industry giants such as Walmart, eBay, Linked In, GoDaddy and several others use NodeJS and leverage its power. Therefore, choosing it to power your application can be the best thing for your project. 

But did you ever wonder what factor makes NodeJS a preferred choice for over a decade? Well, the primary reason behind its immense popularity is the quick response time and flexibility. 

Of course, the technology is widespread, and at this stage, every entrepreneur wishes to enter the powerful world of NodeJS. But technology isn’t enough to drive the success of your application; who handles this technology and how well is the factor that will drastically affect your project’s success. 

Therefore, hiring the right resource for your application holds significant significance in achieving your project goals. 

So, with this article, we aim to help you choose the right resource for your NodeJS project. But before we move ahead, let’s understand what a NodeJS developer does. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a NodeJS developer: 

  • Responsible for developing the server-side logic and maintaining the central database.
  • Allow data exchange between users and servers 
  • Prioritize data protection and app security 
  • Solve database queries
  • Record front-end transactions

Facts to know when you hire node js programmers: 

Below are some facts to consider before you start hiring your NodeJs resources. Ensure your developers have a significant working knowledge of the below-mentioned concepts for a smooth development process. 

Can they use app monitoring tools?

The APM toolkit is an efficient way to stay updated on crucial data that prevents service downtimes, resolves memory leaks, and reduces performance bottlenecks. 

Therefore, having the right APM tools for your project is a necessity. What’s more? They provide crucial insights into how your application behaves during user interaction. 

Thus, hiring a developer who knows exactly how to choose, use and implement the APM toolkit holds great importance in your project. 

Based on the project size and requirements, they can help you make an informed choice while choosing your APM tool. Moreover, choosing the right tool has a lot to do with the experience and knowledge a professional holds since there is an array of available tools. 

Do they understand the front end stack?

Even though NodeJS developers’ core functioning is at the backend of an application, understanding the front-end offers more profound insights into the application, leveraging their skillset. 

If developers understand how a backend functionality can affect the front-end or provide a better UI, they can effectively manipulate the functions to offer an excellent user experience. 

Moreover, it also boosts team collaboration since all understand the roles of each other. 

So when interviewing a developer, you can enquire about their knowledge of AngularJS, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Vue, AJAX, and other libraries such as JQuery and React. 

Can they use various test runners and tools?

Since developers worldwide prefer to use NodeJS, various testing frameworks and tools are built, keeping the technology in mind. 

However, choosing the right testing tool in the vast range of choices requires expertise and knowledge relevant to the project’s size, type, complexities, requirements, etc. Therefore, you must hire nodejs developers who hold experience working to a niche similar to your projects’. 

An experienced developer will map out the project gaps and potential risks and suggest the ideal testing strategy for better project outcomes during the deployment. 

Are they experienced with alternative package managers?

NodeJS promotes faster development by using open-source, well-tested packages that eliminate the need to write codes repeatedly. 

These packages are handled via the package managers used by developers. 

Therefore, it is crucial to validate your candidate’s knowledge of Node Package Managers (NPM). one way to test their understanding of NPM is to ask them the alternatives to the NPM packages they use to obtain better results. 

Can they work with various ORM tools? 

An ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is vital to mapping relational databases and objects when starting with your medium, large or small business application. 

When various database systems access the data differently, ORM ensures that the objects are maintained even if apps or sources change over time. 

In simple words, the ORM enables you to align the data migration process in various databases. Therefore, if your resource has a command over ORM tools, it is a significant plus. 

ORM tools preferred by experienced developers worldwide: 

  • Bookshelf
  • Mongoose
  • Sequelize 

Can they work with popular cloud platforms? 

One can not overlook the multiple benefits of deploying a web application on the Cloud. Therefore, choose the talent who has prior experience of working on cloud platforms. 

Common cloud platforms for NodeJS: 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Heroku
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Netlify 


Choosing the right resource for your NodeJS application will determine where you go with your project. Therefore, it is crucial to hire node js programmers who have excellent skills and knowledge in the aspects mentioned above. 

A resource is the core of your project; choosing the right resource can make your project reach heights, but your project will surely suffer if you choose an unfit resource. 

Thus, take an idea from this article, gain more understanding with research related to your project needs and then choose to hire your talent. This way, you can build a perfect strategy for success.