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Ace Mobile App Marketing: Pro Tips for User Acquisition

Mobile app development doesn’t stop at development. The true essence of developing a mobile application lies in its accessibility. Therefore, even if an entrepreneur creates a brilliant and unique application, not unless it reaches the desired audience set will it make headlines. 

Every mobile application development company will agree when we say that how you market your application holds as much significance as its development does. 

However, making your mark in the robust market of more than 5 million applications in both the Apple app store and Google Play Store is not an easy task to do. 

It is essential to figure out the best way to stand out in the market and woo your audience to become your loyal users. And how is that possible? With intelligent and business-centric mobile app marketing. 

Why is App Marketing Important? 

Deciding the perfect app marketing solution for your business can be a daunting task. There are millions of applications out in the market, and all follow a varying range of strategies, and every successful application may follow a different approach. 

Competition is cutthroat. You might be surprised to know that more than 68% of mobile app development companies follow a fully documented, long-term marketing approach to grab success. 

Developing your application uniquely and effectively is not the only approach to bringing it to your user’s attention. You must choose a proper marketing approach to break all charts. 

App marketing strategies to choose from: 

  • Build a landing page:

An attractive and robust landing page can be the initial step of creating awareness among your users about the services or products you are about to launch. 

Since websites are the overview of your business idea and vision, your audience can get an insight into your mobile application when they access your landing page. 

Remember, the first impression is the last impression; therefore, ensure that you hire a mobile applications development company to create a neat, user-friendly and attractive landing page that can function across all borders. 

  • Use the viral loop:

Using the viral loops can be an intelligent strategy to widen your mobile application’s user base. All you have to do is create a project worth sharing – like shared experiences or high scores. Make sure to provide easy methods for users to spread the word about your application. 

The viral loop is an excellent technique that allows your users to market your application by inverting the traditional marketing funnel. 

You can create viral loops by using good app designs, including features like invitation-only, incentives, shared experience and referral bonuses for users. 

  • Get reviews and ratings:

Once you launch your application, the most significant aspect of gaining a mass audience is providing them with a good user experience. Suppose you have done everything necessary to ensure a good UI/UX for your existing users; how do you plan on informing your prospects about your capabilities? 

Well, people believe the experiences of others. Therefore, if your application contains good reviews and ratings on their respective app stores, prospects will definitely consider them and end up downloading and using your application. 

You must encourage your users to review and rate your application by providing in-built features for easy app review. You can also contact an app reviewing website, an established reviewer or a famous company to review your website, making you a credible option for users. 

  • Create a press kit:

As a mobile application development company, we understand the need for proper marketing techniques to make your project reach the desired users. Therefore we suggest you put together a strong press kit for your mobile application; this will allow you to provide a journalist or blogger with relevant business intel whenever they wish to publish your work.

Keep track of the publishing imagery of your application by taking your own screenshots of logos, social links, app icons, press releases and company profiles. 

  • Have a social media presence:

To be visible is to be on social media. 

Just being out there is not enough to woo your target audience; you must make efforts to fit yourself into their minds and habits. And social media can do the magic. 

Social media not just boosts your app’s visibility but also offers valuable insights about your users. 

You can collect data on their hobbies, interests, demographics, and the time they’re most active and mould your marketing strategy as per the findings to achieve optimum results. 

You must engage with your users to establish yourself on social media, and it’s even better to reshare their memories to form a personal bond with your followers. 

  • Get in touch with influencers: 

Influencers have a massive reach and the ability to affect the decisions their user base makes. Therefore, approaching an influence (social media or celebrity) to promote your mobile application can be one of the most effective ways to influence your audience to take action by making a purchase or inquiry. 

However, you must understand that influencer marketing may cost much if you approach a well-established personality. Therefore, if you are low on budget, you can start your influencer marketing with micro-influencers. 

The key here is to use your existing connections and make new ones that align with your brand goal, vision and message. 

Influencer marketing requires proper research; in case you choose an influencer just based on their reach, it is possible for your prospects to quickly leave your project as soon as they find it irrelevant to their liking. 


As a mobile applications development company, we can not help but emphasize marketing your application well.

Most entrepreneurs focus on developing a brilliant application that their users like. Well, this is the right approach, but the common myth of “good app markets itself” must come to an end. 

Your mobile app may have everything a user is looking for, but how will they know that you are there in the market? The key to visibility is marketing! 

Therefore, we suggest you analyze the strategies mentioned above and choose the one that goes well with your business goals and requirements. Only then can you make a mark in the neck to neck competition of mobile applications.