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Continue Your Studies In Australia With A Temporary Graduate Visa 485

After you graduate from an Australian university, you can apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. Depending on your qualification and the stream you choose, you can stay for 18 months to 4 years more in Australia. During this period of stay, you will enjoy unlimited study and working rights, which can be very beneficial for you to apply for a permanent residency in Australia. The time you will get for this visa can be utilized to obtain the necessary skilled work experience in the nominated occupation. 

This blog discusses all the benefits of the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 and how you can continue your studies during your stay with it.

Choose the correct visa stream

While applying, you must make sure that you choose the correct stream. Here we give a short description for each.

Graduate Work Stream

An international student with a Diploma or Trade Qualification can apply for this stream. The nominated occupation should be listed on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, and a skills assessment will be required for the application. This stream allows a candidate to stay and work for 18 months.

Post-Study Work Stream

An international student with a Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate is eligible to apply for this stream. The main difference from the Graduate Work Stream is that you will not be required to nominate an occupation or provide a skills assessment here. Depending on your qualification, this stream will allow you to stay for 2 to 4 years.

Why is a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 beneficial?

There are numerous benefits of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 that make it so popular among new international graduates. 

  • To be qualified for nominated skilled visas or employer-sponsored visas, you will have to show that you have obtained a specified period of skilled employment. Work experience is critical eligibility for different state-sponsored and independent skilled visas. 
  • The Visa 485 will help you get this work experience. 
  • You can also utilize the staying period to work on other essential aspects for a future visa application. You can prepare for and appear in an English language test. You can also complete further study, which can help you achieve the additional qualification. 
  • The greatest advantage of this visa is that you will not be bound by any particular restrictions or obligations that are usually valid for other visas. For example, holders of student visas have to complete their course within time. In contrast, holders of employer-sponsored visas need to work full-time in the nominated position only for their employers. Therefore, with Visa 485 in your hands, you can spend your time according to your wish.

How should you properly use your time on the 485 Subclass Visa?

The 485 Subclass Visa will provide you with a golden chance to make the necessary preparations to lodge a permanent residency visa application in the future. As it is entirely your decision to utilize this period, you should always try to go for the best. Besides working for an Australian employer, you can also think of improving your educational merit. Here we discuss some tips to make the most of your stay with the Graduate Visa.

Work to improve your English and prepare for the English language test: 

If you want to apply for a points-based PR visa, you should have at least a competent level of English. However, having a greater level of proficiency will always be beneficial. You can work on your English to make the level ‘proficient’ or ‘superior.’ English language requirements may vary from one state to another. Thus, having a good grip over the language will boost your chances to get your skilled visa application approved. 

Study in Australia: 

You will receive additional points for different academic qualifications. Having a Doctorate will reward you the most points. So, for example, if you have applied for the Graduate Visa 485 with a Bachelor degree qualification, you can complete your Master in 4 years, thus ensuring the chance to get more points on the points test.

Gain work experience in the nominated occupation:

Gaining experience in the required skill level will help you get more points while applying for a points-based PR visa. Work experience gained in Australia will help you get higher points relative to overseas work experience. For specific state-sponsored nominations, you may also be required to show a minimum amount of work experience. This minimum employment experience criterion is also necessary for employer-nominated or sponsored visas.

  • Another way to utilize the time can be by completing an interpreter or translator qualification, which is accredited by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). Having this qualification also helps an applicant achieve additional points.
  • Your partner can add extra points to the points score if they can satisfy specific eligibility criteria. Their age, level of English competency, and skilled occupation can play a vital role in your PR visa application. They will also need to show the results of their skills assessment. So, not only you but they can also utilize your time as a dependent visa holder to help you with your application.
  • With the Graduate Visa, you can live and work in an Australian specified regional area for the given period. Any area except the three major Australian cities is called a specified regional area.

Why is it essential to make your Temporary Graduate Visa application correctly?

While proceeding with the application, it is crucial not to make any mistakes in the process. Therefore, you should have a complete understanding of the eligibility requirements.

  • Upload all the necessary documents correctly. Committing a single error on the application or failing to submit all the required documents within time can lead to the refusal of your visa application. 
  • The Department of Home Affairs can request further specific information from you, and it may unnecessarily delay the whole process. Moreover, if you are not able to meet their requirements, they will automatically reject the application.
  • If your subclass 485 visa Australia application gets rejected, you will not have another option to apply as the visa is subject to a restricted time frame. Within a limited period, you will need to apply for the visa properly. It means you should always give extra attention to the application.
  • Therefore, it is important to lodge a correct and complete application with all the relevant documents attached in proper order. A professional Perth migration agent can help you with the application. Having a professional by your side will reduce the chance of making mistakes.

What change is made to the visa in 2021?

As per changes made in 2021, an eligible applicant can now apply for a Second Subclass 485 Visa Post-Study Work Stream. It helps them to stay in Australia for 1-2 years more. The eligibility is as follows.

  • You should have studied in a regional institute. 
  • You should continue living in a regional area.


You may start wondering where to start from. Well, to ease your process, we recommend contacting a leading consultancy in Perth that has been providing immigration services over the years. It can assign you a Perth Migration Agent who can give you crucial tips on making the application.