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Solve Your Health Issues Now With Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is a form of medical diagnosis and prognosis based on planets, signs, and houses at birth. It also considers the position of celestial bodies about each other as they appear from Earth. A typical horoscope for this type of health issues analysis corresponds with the patient’s date, day, and time of birth.

This data about an individual’s health conditions is collected by consulting a traditional medical textbook and modern texts such as those published by Astrodienst or Llewellyn publishers that specialize in alternative medicine topics such as herbalism or aromatherapy.

Some people use medical astrology to decide whether a patient will live or die. When an astrologer is asked about the health of someone with whom they have had no contact. They may attempt to find out what temperament and physical characteristics that individual has. And then try to read into their psyche and intuition whether or not this person will come down with some disease. A monthly almanac can be used to verify these medical astrology horoscopes for accuracy.

The health issues horoscope will indicate which parts of the body are most problematic for the individual in question and specific details such as blood type or other essential data such as allergies. The area ruled by the sign on the Ascendant (or “house cusps”) tells something related to one’s health. The ascendant rules one’s head, face, and brain. So there may be a problem with the head, face, or brain. The sign on the Seventh House cusp will tell what kind of environment the person stays in.

Importance of medical astrology and how it helps to combat health issues

Medical astrology is an essential part of medical learning. Health astrology predictions help doctors better understand how the zodiac sign affects their patients and causes health issues. In addition, it also comes in handy as a diagnostic tool for determining what medications will be most effective on a patient before prescribing them or giving them any treatment at all.

Twelve signs represent the sun’s travel through the sky throughout the year as per the medical issuehoroscope. Each month contains thirty days and starts with a new moon cycle. This means that each month has four weeks and three hundred sixty-five days per year. Which adds up to twenty-eight days of prophecy by the one-star sign for every single day of the month. Not including time spent sleeping (which accounts for approximately eight hours).

Add this all up, and you get thousands of years of astrological wisdom to learn from. Some pre-modern cultures such as those in Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia have dated astrological texts that go back as far as six thousand years.

Some doctors use this information for more than just diagnosing a disease or health issues. For example, there is a correlation between sun signs and the color of a person’s hair, eyes, skin tone, body build, and blood type. Astrology can also help determine if a patient will be an athlete during their lifetime because some signs are associated with people who tend to be more athletic or leaner than others. In addition to accurate diagnosis, medical astrology has been shown to improve the success rates of treatment and longevity.

Health issues healing potency of medical astrology as per zodiac

A bone fracture is more likely to heal correctly if the patient is a Virgo. Conversely, cancer patients are 1/8 less likely to survive if they have a month in cancer because it includes factors that make them susceptible to illness and disease during their lifetime.

Doctors will also check a birth chart before prescribing a particular medication or treatment for fear of negative interactions with other stars or planets in the zodiac sign, mainly when that sign determines the patient’s blood type. For instance, people with A+ blood should not take medications containing anti-A antibodies such as RhoGAM, which is often given to mothers immediately after giving birth and may cause problems such as jaundice.

Many people don’t realize how much medical astrology can affect their lives. Doctors need to consider the zodiac signs compatibility before prescribing any treatment. Because it can be life-saving or harmful, depending on the star signs involved. This field of study has been around for thousands of years but remains relevant in today’s modern world due to its high success rate, despite being controversial among sceptics who view it as pseudoscience.

The reality is that medical astrology is practical and should be taken seriously by anyone looking to get better – especially when dealing with chronic issues such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, arthritis, etc. Astrology can also help determine if a patient will be an athlete during their lifetime because some signs are associated with people who tend to be more athletic or leaner than others.

What is the lunar node? How does it affect zodiac signs and cause health issues?

Lunar nodes are a pair of points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic – an imaginary line in the sky that marks the path of the Sun across the celestial sphere for a year. These two points are called “north node” and “south node”, from which astrologers conclude one’s talents and essential traits.

Usually, a planet transiting a zodiac sign has more influence than its position within a house in its birth chart. Because houses represent different life areas while zodiac signs represent basic temperaments. But lunar nodes are exceptions to this rule because these points indicate specific areas of life where one either overcomes obstacles or remains agonizingly stuck in old problems. The south node’s position shows what you are ready to give up, while the north node’s location indicates where you need to develop further.

The medical astrologer has an additional tool at her disposal: she can look at how different zodiac signs influence a person according to their lunar nodes’ positions.

Does the Moon’s influence affect your health drastically and create serious health issues?

Suppose your north node is in Gemini, but your moon is in Sagittarius, for example. In that case, it means that you have to pay extra attention to the Moon’s influences on your expression now, especially considering its sign placement.

Once you know this, you can take measures to ease your mind and express yourself more effectively. This article is about the importance of medical astrology. This uses a person’s birth chart to make predictions about their health and personality characteristics. They do this to advise them on staying healthy or treating illnesses based on the location of celestial bodies in their birth chart.

People born with the condition of some health ‘disadvantage’ (including not having all limbs attached, very young or old age at birth, obesity, autism etc.) are often more reflective and thoughtful than their healthily advantaged peers. A theory is that they think about these things because their conditions require them to survive. Medical astrology explains this in that the medical conditions outlined affect which areas of life activities to get one’s needs met.

Recognizing where the challenges lie leads to deeper thinking about the ways around them. For example, people born with Autism tend to think deeply through activities such as solving math equations or art/music production instead of team sports.