Who Is Hood Evangelist What did She say About Colby D Mitchell

Who Is Hood Evangelist? What did She say About Colby D Mitchell?

Hood Evangelist is a renowned, award-winning blogger and editor for hood-evangelist.com. She has become an authority in the industry with her knowledge of different topics often ignored by mainstream media. One such topic she discussed was Colby D Mitchell’s Leaked Video. This blog post will explore the fallout from these statements and hear what Hood Evangelist had to say about it all.

Hood Evangelist:

Known for her brave, courageous, and passionate preaching in the gospel of Christ, Hood Evangelist uncovers hidden truth and rebukes false prophets, fake pastors, and bible teachers.

On her youtube channel “Hood Evangelist,” he published a video about Colby Mitchell Leaked Video. Let’s start a talk with something about Colby Mitchell.

Colby Mitchell:

Colby Mitchell is a well-known pastor and media personality with hundreds of followers throughout platforms like Facebook, with over 74 thousand followers. Colby makes the best use of social media and each different available resource as a platform for spreading biblical information.

Nicely, Colby is fashionable enough for the big occasions and live shows to be a part of him for his speeches. Numerous YouTubers have uploaded the content with him, that they’ve gained hundreds of views.


What Is About The Leaked Video Of Colby Mitchell?

A leaked video of Pastor Colby Mitchell allegedly surfaced on Twitter on July 31st. The video is not safe for work and allegedly depicts Mitchell engaging in a sexual act with an unidentified person.


Pastor Colby Mitchell recently participated in Embracing Impact, where people who have created positive change are asked to deliver a speech. He has amassed over 700 followers on Instagram.


Colby Mitchell remarked in his interview to address the leaked video. It was clear from the sound bytes that it didn’t come as a surprise, and he at least knew that someone had been recording him all along.


Hood Evangelist published her blog post about this event titled “Who EXPOSED THIS Passa Colby Mitchell Leaked Video.”


Watch what she said about Colby D Mitchell:



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