preserved flower

When Can We Gift Preserved Flowers?

Fresh rose flower arrangements do look beautiful and fragrant when they are just purchased at the flower shop, or when they are received. But unfortunately, fresh flowers still have limitations, which are easier to wither when compared to preserved flowers.

Who doesn’t love getting a flower gift from someone? Behind the gift of flowers, there is deep meaning for both the giver and the recipient. Especially if this flower gift is given by a man to a woman.

Flower arrangements come in various forms that have been presented by florists, ranging from sprigs, hand bouquets, or with boxes. However, most people prefer a hand bouquet to serve as a gift of flowers. Because the shape is simple and simple but does not eliminate the element of meaning from the flower. Some people who get gifts of flowers, want them to keep the flowers for a long period or if possible, for life.

On the other hand, flowers have a bloom period of approximately 1 week, after which the flowers will wither or dry out. That’s why some people prefer to use synthetic flowers in their flower bouquets so they can be stored for a very long time. That’s why people often choose preserved flowers as the perfect choice.

Giving a preserved flower to someone is like sending a message to him that his love is as eternal as a preserved flower. This flower is very suitable to be given to lovers in precious moments and ordinary days. This flower will add romance and trust to the couple. Preserved flowers were chosen because they are practical and how to care for them is not a hassle. The cool shape and way of packaging make this flower even more popular as a gift.

In addition, preserved flowers are also preferred over dried flowers or synthetic flowers. One of the reasons is that preserved flowers have the advantage of having the same shape and characteristics. For example, when it is freshly picked the beauty and aesthetics of the shape are still maintained.

How to Choose Preserved Flowers

Choose preserved flowers based on their color. Color is an important aspect that needs to be considered in choosing preserved flowers. The use of a special liquid makes preserved flowers have many color variations that can not be found in fresh flowers. Even if you use the same flower and arrangement, the impression can be different depending on the color.

Check the size of the preserved flowers. Preserved flower arrangements are available in various sizes. You will find preserved products in small, palm-sized boxes. There are also large products that are often mistaken for real flowers.

Adjust to the desired taste and feel. There are many unique and interesting ways to make a preserved flower arrangement. You can put it in a pot, box, can, or another object. Combining it with dolls, music boxes, clocks, and various other objects is worth a try.

How to Care for Preserved Flowers

Do not put preserved flowers in water or just water them. Moisture can make the color of preserved flowers fade and become more fragile

Avoid placing preserved flowers in a place that is exposed to the sun because it can make the flowers dry quickly. Although it can be placed in an air-conditioned room, you should not put preserved flowers directly under air conditioning because it can cause the flowers to dry out and become brittle.

Keep this flower out of reach of children, pets, and fire because these flowers have been preserved with preservatives that contain chemicals so they are flammable and can be dangerous if swallowed by children or pets.

Difference between Preserved Flower and Dried Flower

Dried flowers are fresh flowers that undergo a natural drying or dehydration process. This technique of drying fresh flowers is generally by hanging them until completely dry. The most common way used by many people is to hang flowers for some time. This will dehydrate the flower arrangements on their own, without costing you a dime.

Although dried flowers do not last as long as preserved flowers, apart from being economical, there are several ways to achieve a similar result. In addition to drying the flowers, the drying process can also be done by using the press method using a book. If you don’t want to wait 2-4 weeks with this method, ironing flowers is also a unique way to dry flowers quickly and practically.

It is different from preserved flowers. Although both are dry, the processing technique is different. Instead of being allowed to dry naturally as in the dried flowers, fresh flowers are actually rehydrated using a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements. In a process that takes several days, the fluid rises slowly through the stem and then replaces the natural sap from the fresh flower stalk. Once the liquid infiltration process is complete, the preserved flower is ready for use.