earned income credit table

What You Need To Know About The Earned Income Credit Table

The eic, earned income credit table is a great tool that can help you know how much money you’re eligible to get back by using the IRS’s earned income tax credit. To qualify for this credit, your income has to be below a certain amount and you must also meet some other requirements. If you are eligible, then you should apply for it. You may even qualify for a larger refund than expected if your income was less than the credit limit. To find out more information about this credit, please keep reading.

What is the Earned Income Credit?

The Earned Income Credit is a tax credit available to people who have earned income less than their standard deduction. This credit can help you get your taxes back on a smaller amount than what you owe in taxes.

There are two types of credits: the earned income credit and the child and dependent tax credit. Taxpayers use the earned income credit with no children or dependents because it helps them reach the minimum amount they owe in taxes. The child and the dependent tax credit are for those taxpayers with dependents.

How much is the credit?

The amount of your credit depends on your filing status. For example, if you are single with no dependents and your income is $5,000 or less, the distinction is worth $500. If you are married with two children and your payment is $25,000 or less, the credit is $3,500. The credit for individuals with three or more children is worth $4,000.

When can I apply for this credit?

The IRS provides different guidelines for when you can apply for credit. If your income is below $15,000, you can apply for the credit at any time of the year. On average, more people are involved in January and fewer use in July than in other times.

If your income is between $15,000 and $45,000, you can only apply for this credit from April 1st through June 15th annually.

If your income is less than $45,000, then you’re not eligible to claim any credits at all.

Why should I apply for it?

The IRS provides a wide variety of tax credits and deductions to help you save money. The Earned Income Credit Table is a great tool that can help you know how much money you’re eligible to get back by using the IRS’s earned income tax credit. By using this tool, you will see how much money you are estimated to receive on your taxes depending on certain factors like how many children you have, what your filing status is, and whether or not you’re married. If your income is below the credit limit, then it’s likely that you will qualify for more than one of these credits or deductions. For example, if your filing status is single and your income is less than $53,930, you may qualify for the child care credit.

Can I get more money back than expected? 

When you are eligible for the earned income credit, it is possible that the refund could be higher than expected. If your income was below the credit limit and you meet all other requirements, then you may be able to see a bigger refund.


The Earned Income Credit is a tax credit for people and families with low to moderate incomes. It is a tax credit that reduces the income tax you owe.

Consider applying for the Earned Income Credit if you are eligible and want to reduce your income tax bill. For more, visit: filemytaxesonline.org