Poppy seed

What Are The Uses Of Poppy Seeds?

Poppy seed is a tiny oil seed bestowed with a wealth of nutrients that have been used since ancient times as a traditional remedy for healing umpteen health conditions. It is a staple condiment in Indian cuisines that is obtained from the poppy plant. Known by other popular names such as chums khus in Hindi, karakas in Tamil and gasagasalu in Telugu, gasagase in Kannada and posto in Bengali. It is a flowering plant that goes with the scientific name Papaver somniferum, which is cultivated across South-eastern and central Europe and Asia.

These nutty seeds are not only famed for their culinary application but also for offering healing benefits in treating several ailments including diabetes, digestive issue, bone disorder, nervous and cardiac problems.

Nutrition Facts

Poppy seeds are an abundant source of dietary fibre, healthy fats, and other essential minerals. The richness of fibre keeps you satiated, controls unwanted hunger pangs, and shed surplus weight. Ample amounts of magnesium and calcium fortify the bones, muscles, and promote growth and development. Packed with omega 6 fatty acids, poppy seed augments heart health, regulates brain function, and promotes sound sleep.

Uses of Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds For Skin Health

For Glowing skin

A powerhouse of antioxidants and other vital nutrients poppy seeds contribute to optimal skin health. The high content of linoleic acid in poppy seeds reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin. It works as a natural exfoliator that gives the skin an instant glow and radiance.

Soak poppy seeds in milk or water and make a fine paste adding lemon juice, apply this pack  for a glowing and blemish-free skin.


Poppy seeds act as an effective moisturizer rendering you supple and nourished skin.

Blend poppy seed with milk and honey to form a smooth paste and apply it all over the face. Let it stay for 10 minutes and rinse well. Do this once a week to restore skin hydration.

Clear Skin

Poppy seed scrub can cleanse the skin from deep within, unclogging the pores and making it look clear and blemish-free.

Make a face scrub by blending poppy seeds with curd, gently massage all over the face and neck in circular motions, for 10 minutes. This pack will unclog pores and improve your skin complexion.

Poppy Seeds For Hair Health

Remedies Dandruff

Laden with omega fatty acids and minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron poppy seeds contribute to healthy hair growth and combat dandruff.

Mix poppy seeds, hung curd, and a teaspoon of lemon juice apply to the scalp. Leave it for an hour and rinse well. Repeat this twice a week to get rid of dandruff.

Culinary Uses

Poppy seeds are used extensively in various cuisines globally.

These seeds are used liberally in fruit and vegetable salad dressing.

The distinct nutty flavour and texture of poppy seeds are used while baking cakes, pastries, bread, sweets, confectionery, pancake, crusts, and waffle batters.

The seeds are soaked and ground to fine paste, which adds richness and flavour to vegetable gravies.

They are also blended with jaggery and coconut to make delightful sweets.

Poppy seeds are sprinkled over Indian bread like naan for that distinct flavour, aroma, and crispy texture.

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