two wheeler EMI calculator

Two-wheeler EMI calculator – How and why should you use it?

A two-wheeler is one of the most comfortable and cost-efficient gears that help you drive throughout. Whether an isolated village or urban city, a two-wheeler has become a standard and essential commodity in every household. From mediocre to high-status people, maximum people has a crush for their dream motorbike. They are cheaper than four-wheelers. Moreover, easy to maintain. Also, a two-wheeler is an ideal way to reach the designated destination in heavy rush hours.

With the increasing market of two-wheelers, you have a number of choices to decide from. However, if you have been eyeing a specific model for a long time and searching for ways to capture it, you will be overwhelmed to know about the competence of a two-wheeler loan. A two-wheeler loan is an easy and reliable financing product, will help you avail of your dream bike efficiently.

This loan scheme comes with simple and affordable EMIs for the customers. And thankfully, almost every lender in India has designed their dynamic tool, “two wheeler EMI calculator,” that will provide you with a clear and concise idea of possible EMIs that you have to pay each month. It also helps you evaluate your monthly expense. Hence, you can design a comfortable instalment plan that falls into your monthly budget.

But firstly, we have to know what an EMI calculator is for a two-wheeler loan?

A Two-Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator: An Overview

An EMI calculator is a powerful tool that helps borrowers calculate their monthly delinquent value; hence, they can plan their budget and loan at their convenience. Supposedly you want to obtain this loan; you can view the exact amount you need to pay as well as compare various varieties to determine the loan plan that suits you better.

Besides, you can probe the entire principal plan with the help of an amortisation calendar that lists the outstanding amount, monthly payments and total cost towards the loan. It will further help you determine the tenure and final amount matching your repayment capacity.

How can you access a bike loan EMI calculator?

Following are some convenient steps we have headed. Hence, you understand the utilisation of a two-wheeler EMI calculator efficiently available on the website of finding providers. The two wheeler loan calculator has three primary factors to understand the use, which will help you determine the EMI amount: interest rate, principal amount and tenure. However, every point has a separate slider that you can adjust in agreement with your wish.

Step #1: Shift the first slider towards desired value.

Step #2: Select the tenure section in months for additional convenience. Now shift the tenure slide right or left to match your desired month number or total EMI payment number. You can notice the numbers budging in the box below when you push the slider.

Step#3: Now, coming to the interest rate segment. It starts from 0.99% for a two-wheeler loan. You can choose the offered or estimated rate of interest in the line with your eligibility. However, the funding provider will evaluate your eligibility and finally decide the interest rate.

When you start moving the sliders, you will notice changing figures coming in the boxes termed “EMI,” ‘Total Principal Amount’ and ‘Total Loan Amount,’ in real-time. However, you can change the inputs anytime.

Please note that the EMI calculator provided by any banking website will only display a connotative value of the EMIs before appealing for a loan. However, the lender will finalise the principal amount, and the interest rate will be settled with your approval and based on your eligibility.

Should I use an EMI Calculator for a Bike loan?

  • Smooth planning: EMI Calculator helps you plan your two-wheeler acquisition without any annoyance of manual calculation. It takes only a few moments to get the result. Just move the slider left or right and decide the structure of your finance accordingly.
  • 24/7 Hourly Availability: Bike Loan EMI Calculator is always available on the finance lenders website. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, with any digital gadget like a smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • Stay on your budget: The EMI Calculator helps design a robust payment plan if your life moves around a strict budget. It will help you scale your affordability and pick a gear of your budget.
  • Transparency: The EMI Calculator acts with complete transparency as it allows you to modify your inputs for endless time to see the changing loan plan in real-time. However, the total cost and EMI towards the loan include loan associated charges and processing fees too.


By accessing the two-wheeler EMI calculator, you can efficiently and smoothly plan and acquire a straightforward two-wheeler loan without any hassle. Whether it’s your first bike or second purchase, financing your two-wheeler purchase can save your precious savings. And, most importantly, it accommodates you to increase a healthy credit profile for future borrowings.