The Beginners Guide to Clean Leather Rugs

The Beginners Guide to Clean Leather Rugs

Leather rugs with their rich texture and luxurious feel can be easy to clean. It merges well in any interior design. You can design your study or bookshelves area with black, beige or brown coloured leather floorings. Some leather carpetings are made with a mixture of jute or cotton. For cleaning these specific floorings, you should call rug cleaning Melbourne experts.

For traditional leather rugs, here we have some cleaning tips:

Tips by Rug Cleaning Specialists

Professional rug cleaners use various techniques to give you shiny and clean flooring. However, you can do it at home with a few of the expert’s tips. Here we go:

  • Take the leather rug outdoors, flip it over, and gently shake out any dust or embedded particles accumulated in the flooring. 
  • Vacuum carefully in the area of the hide hair throughout your regular cleaning regimen. Brush the hairs in the fibre direction with your vacuum’s floor adapter (soft-bristle brush) while softly sucking away dust and dirt particles. 
  • Never vacuum directly over the carpeting, and avoid using rotary cleaning products. When cleaning, do not force the hairs up.
  • If stains remain, use a gentle solution of neutral, non-alkaline soap (no detergent) and hot water. Use a clean fabric or sponge to spread the solution, and then let it air dry. To ensure an original colour, use this procedure in an open space (away from direct sunshine). If feasible, test this approach on an inconspicuous region first to see if it affects the colouring.
  • After spot cleaning, keep your hair-on-hide or leather carpets in a dry area. Do not soak or damp the rug. Use a dehumidifier regularly to eliminate moisture from the space. Place the flooring outside on a bright day with the underside towards the sun.

If you think the procedure is lengthy or troublesome, don’t look for an instant remedy. Call the best rug cleaners instead. They will offer top-notch cleaning solutions and save your flooring from significant damages.

The Bottom Line 

A high-quality rug will not have a perceptible odour, or the scent will diminish after a few days. Clean the flooring often using a brush and protect the carpeting from direct sunlight. Get scissors to trim any stray ends.

It would be best to get your leather rug cleaned by professional rug cleaners every year. To remove dust and dirt, shake out area rugs between professional cleanings. This care keeps leather from being torn. Rotate your carpeting every few weeks to save wear and tear, and avoid putting it beneath heavy furniture. Using a pounding or roller rod on the rug might cause the fringe to be undone.

After following all these tips and tricks, your leather flooring can serve you well for decades to come. You won’t have to worry about its wear and tear with an annual professional cleaning and regular maintenance. If you haven’t cleaned your flooring this year, it’s the sign that you should call rug cleaning Melbourne experts now.