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Step-by-Step Tutorial For Applying Fox Eye Makeup

Most of the time, being compared to an animal causes us to get stuporous and indignant. Especially if it involves certain creatures. However, if they say we have fox eyes, we can take that as a complement. And what a complement it is as well! Because the fox look is the most recent eye makeup style that many celebs are sporting, stunning us with their extended eyes. Do you want to show them off as well? So, we’ll show you the fox eye makeup tutorial step by step.


Foxy eyes is a slang term for fox eyes. And it is precisely because of this that the cosmetics we present you are designed to imitate the stunning appearance of this animal. It’s a pretty powerful appearance that’s also extremely stylish this season. It’s a look that evokes a sense of mystery and innocence, a potent mix that makes it impossible to turn away from that astonishing look.

The fox’s eyes are huge and slanted. But don’t panic! It is not necessary to have large or slanted eyes to use this eye makeup because it is a look that compliments all types of eyes, including smaller ones. No wonder fox eye makeup has the advantage of allowing you to open your eyes wider and lift them higher, allowing them to show off their full splendor.

True, viewing photographs of fox glances behind our models’ foxy eyes may lead us to believe that obtaining such impressions is extremely difficult. However, after reading our article, you’ll be astonished at how simple the foxy eyes makeup technique is, to the point that you can do it yourself at home or enlist the help of a friend.


Let’s have a look at how to get foxy eye makeup step by step. Even if you don’t have much experience with makeup, you can try this technique and get a feel for it because it’s quite basic, but the end result of putting makeup with foxy eyes is stunning.

 Cleansing the skin is and always will be the initial step in any cosmetic technique or process. We can only have lovely skin if our skin is clean and healthy. Furthermore, we will achieve that the makeup is fixed and does not smear only on clean and hydrated skin. Prior to applying makeup, consider cleansing and moisturizing products that leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. If this is the case, we will have accomplished a lot, whereas the cosmetics would be ineffective.

The second step: it’s time to apply the makeup primer after cleaning and hydrating your face. In this case, we’ll concentrate on the eye area, notably the eyelids, because that’s where we’ll be working, though we anticipate you’ll want to wear full makeup in addition to your eyes. Because the skin on the eyelids is so delicate, we need to use a very light makeup primer. We’ll also be cautious in selecting the appropriate tone, as the goal with this product is to match the skin tone. We apply a small bit with our fingertips and blend well.

Okay, so we’re grooming the eyes, but the eyebrows are an indisputable element of the look. They’re not only the skin, nor the eyelashes. Because eyebrows are so expressive, many people often judge our personality based on our eyebrows and the expressions they portray, they have the secret to success in any eye makeup approach. As a result, you must comb them upwards in order for your eyes to remain open. If you need more volume and filling in your brows, there are products available that can help. We simply want to comb the brows upwards, not to emphasize the arch of the brows.

The third step will be to select an eyeshadow shade and apply it to both eyes. Both a day and a night look can be achieved with the foxy eyes approach. If you don’t have much experience as a fox eye makeup artist, we recommend that you start with light tones before moving on to more ambitious looks. Light tones are usually easier to apply. The usage of satin shadows, on the other hand, is discouraged. As a result, we have forgotten about them by this time.

Attention: the ultimate cosmetics secret! Here’s a little makeup tip that will make the procedure go more smoothly for you. Place a piece of duct tape (that can be used on the skin) on the lower eye line. It should be carried out in an upward direction. What do you possibly achieve with this? So, what we want is for the region to have a lifting effect that would help us seem better once we’ve completed applying makeup.

The next step is to use a shadow called «transition» in the outer third of your eye. We’ll start in the middle and work our way outwards to achieve the ripped-up look. We’ll also pick an eyeshadow that’s a shade or two darker than our skin’s natural color.

Next, we need a darker shadow, and we need a finer brush for this. We are searching for the ‘blurred outline.’ We’re going down the line that is marked by the tape, so that the shadow primarily shrinks in that corner and, moving it up, the appearance of inclined eyes is accomplished.

Then it’s high time to blur. It’s time to apply it if you want extra color. If not, the sticky tape can be removed once well blurred. The shadow from the center and back of the lower eyelid is applied to bubble the tear line as we did before.

You can describe the inner part of the tear duct and the way to the nose if you want to increase eye makeup. Although you can also describe it, the feline style is totally what you want. And the mascara, finally. To do this, place the pin horizontally in a zigzag from the center of the eye and outward. You can curl the cloves with iron curling in order to improve foxy eyes if you like.