Tayyab Fayyaz

Pakistani Youtuber Tayyab Fayyaz Has Been Thriving in the Gadget & Accessories Review Industry

Tayyab Fayyaz, a tech freak, a versatile Pakistani YouTuber usually known for his multi-dimensional review of mobile phones and corresponding other IT gadgets and has been thriving in the gadget review industry since he appeared with the intention of contributing through his video contents focused on mobile phones and other devices and this tech freak shares exciting tech news with his viewers regularly on his youtube channel Kharedari where he gives live talks as well occasionally.  


His videos on the Pubg test on different devices recently received widespread popularity.

The youtube channel of Tayyab Fayyaz, Kharedari, at present, possesses more than thirty-five thousand subscribers. As a consequence, it is apparent that he receives many business proposals on a daily basis. Even if you have something to do business with, especially tech products, you can enjoy the liberty of reaching this emerging tech freak on [email protected].


Oh, One more thing, we must let you know that the emerging Pakistani Youtuber Tayyab Fayyaz also runs an e-commerce platform called Kharedari, which is precisely the same name he possesses a channel with youtube. The Kharedari is nothing but a complete gadget shop. Just click the blue hyperlinked name. Rest assured, you will get amazed with all the magical collection of gadgets, and yes, to expressly state, yes, you can shop IT-related products on the platform. 


In terms of enjoying the utmost possibilities in getting a response sooner to your query, you can contact him over his personal website hyperlinked in the first word of this article.


Happy knowing, Happy mobile, and accessories shopping with Kharedari and Tayyab Fayyaz. Even if you don’t possess the initial urge to buy anything, you really are not supposed to miss following this genius and lovely personnel to help you lead a life a little better with mobile accessories and gadgets. 


He tends to share Mobile tips & tricks, YouTube crafts on all the platforms he thinks might reach the target audience and satisfy their quest. You can get a bit of taste of his personal life as well, and in terms of not wanting to miss that opportunity, you can follow his official social handles, and the gateway to reach this man via social media are as followed:

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