Make Your Persian Rug Last Longer with 4 Super-easy Tips

Make Your Persian Rug Last Longer with 4 Super-easy Tips

Persian floorings carry a cultural meaning with their pleasing styles. Who doesn’t want their Persian rugs’ rich colour and delicate designs to look as good as new for years? All of us want that. The responsibility to preserve its beauty often falls on the owner’s shoulder. But guess what? We have got you covered with some practical Persian rug cleaning tips. Have a look: 

1. Make More Use of Your Vacuum Cleaner 

Vacuum cleaners are not only for the floors. With upholstery attachments and other settings, you can use them to remove dust and dirt from the floorings. Soil accumulation can weaken the threads and make room for stains and pollutants. Also, these dirt piles may make your rug look shabby and uncleaned for years. 

2. Change Rug’s Posoiton 

Rotating rugs help to prevent colour-fading at one spot and distribute even natural wear. All floorings look a bit old with time; however, you can save the embarrassing even and odd fading with this technique. 

Also, straighten the rug’s fringes with occasional flips up. Fringes get tangled, and combing them can damage the delicate thread. So, flipping the rig is a natural way to solve the issue. It may feel like a hassle, but in the long run, it’s not. You may have to leave your other work for 10 minutes, but that can save your fibres for years to come.

3. Minimize Damages with Quick Actions 

We all get too lazy to remove that stain and hide a spillage. But, it may damage the fibres and lead to permanent stains. On the other hand, if you clean a spill immediately, it won’t get under the threads and cause any issue. So, get ready with a clean towel and water whenever you spot a stain. Avoid fancy shampoos or detergents as Persian floorings need natural alternatives like baking soda or Vinegar.

Take a towel and blot the spill. Remember never to scrub or brush it. That may push the stain inside the fibres. In the end, use a fan for the drying process. Don’t use damp carpeting. In case of pet urine, vomit or vine stains, call Persian rug cleaning Adelaide experts. They will solve your problem within a few hours.

4. Follow a Persian Rug Cleaning Routine 

A routine helps you to get disciplined about the things you care about. You won’t forget to vacuum clean the flooring twice a week with a schedule. We understand that it’s not always convenient to follow a routine as anything can come up. At such time, delay the cleaning for a day but not more than that. 

These floorings can live for decades when treated well and washed professionally with Persian rug cleaning Adelaide experts’ help. We are not kidding! Some natural fibre rug owners pass their carpetings to the next generations. With all the practical information, you can do the same. All the best, we hope your flooring last for several decades!