Is Steam Cleaning Method Safe for Persian Rugs

Is Steam Cleaning Method Safe for Persian Rugs? 

No one can resist the beauty and elegance of a Persian rug. It is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off it. But, how can you keep it always looking fresh? Is the rug steam cleaning method that works wonders for other floorings safe for Persian fibres? If not, what’s the best Persia rug cleaning treatment to keep its beauty forever? Let’s find out all the answers below: 

How Craftsmen Make a Persian Rug? 

The beauty and detailed designs you see on your astonishingly gorgeous Persian flooring are artwork by skilled rug weavers. They first boil, spin and dye a sheep’s wool to prepare the threads. Then, they use natural colours from plants to make them brighter. The craftsmen or tribal women in some countries weave these threads keenly to create visible magic lying on your floor today. 

Before cleaning a rug, it’s necessary to understand how it was made in the first place. The process mentioned above tells you a lot about the original state of the flooring. As it was a delicate process, any harsh or deep cleaning may ruin the dye, weaving patterns or wool’s quality. That’s why you must be very careful when choosing a cleaning company or method for such a unique piece of art!

Can You Steam Clean a Persian Rug?

Rug Steam cleaning is undoubtedly a deep cleaning method that removes all types of germs, stains and dust particles from flooring. You may not think twice before hiring experts for this method, but Persian rugs are exceptions. As we already discussed, these floorings are hand-woven by tribes or artisans with natural dyes. A steam cleaning method and its hot stem and vapours may melt the colours and make the wool stiff.

What’s the Best Persian Rug Cleaning Treatment?

The most effective Persian rug cleaning treatment is hiring experienced and skilled cleaners for hand-washing treatment. The experts wash your flooring with delicate shampoo without any harsh machine or chemicals. Some rug cleaning companies also use green solutions, which are most suitable for the natural colours of your Persian or Oriental flooring. 

So, always research well before hiring a Persian rug cleaners. Know the company’s background history in cleaning antique floorings, verify their training certificates and license, and read other customers’ reviews before making the final move. Also, you can ask the cleaners about their cleaning procedure in detail (it should be hand-washing for delicate rugs like yours), products they use (green solutions without harsh machines) and operating time and location for your convenience. The service’s price also plays a vital role, so do ask them above that too.

Note: Avoid the cheapest services as they may not use quality products. 

The Bottom Line 

The answer to our main question of steam cleaning a Persian rug is a clear no. Even though steam cleaning is the most effective for almost all rug types, it may release the natural dyes and remove fibres from their original composition. So, instead of rug steam cleaning, hire experts for hand-washing treatment, and your Persian rug will shine like before!