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Planning is an essential part of any vacation. When it comes to documentation, you must constantly double-check that you have all you require. You can quickly replace an item if you get to your location and realize you’ve forgotten something. You may not even be able to cross the border if you forget vital paperwork.

As a result, if you intend to visit India, you should first determine whether you require an Indian visa, especially if you plan to do business in the nation. Before you board your flight, you should also go over the India Business Visa Checklist.

Applying for an India Visa online is simple, as you will see in this post. You’ll also be able to learn about other topics, such as the items needed to obtain an eVisa on time.

How to apply for INDIA VISA ONLINE?

You must still apply for your India visa online at least four days before your planned arrival date, but your India eVisa now includes a 120-day “window of arrival” time.

So, what does this mean for travelers?

This means that if you apply for an India visa on September 1st, your arrival date in India must be between September 5th and January 2nd – 120 days (4 months). This is fantastic because you may now apply for your India visa well before your actual arrival date. As a result, if your arrival dates changes, you will be able to adjust it without having to reapply for an Indian Visa.

What is the duration of this eVisa?

The tourist visa for India is valid for one year and includes multiple entries; the business eVisa follows the same conditions. Read more: Travel Hawaii

The medical eVisa is a little different in that you can only stay in India for a total of 60 days, but you get Triple Entry.

How can I apply for an India visa online?


All you have to do is fill out an iVisa application online. It’s a simple procedure that you may perform in a short amount of time. It should take not more than 5 minutes to 10 minutes to complete.

There are simply three steps to this application:

You will be asked to fill up your general information in the first step. In addition, you must choose a processing time from the alternatives listed above.

The second step will require you to review the first.

You will be asked to make a payment at the final step.

What is an India Business Visa?


The India Business Visa is a government-issued document that allows you to enter India for business purposes alone. It cannot be used for medical or other reasons.


What can I accomplish with an India Business Visa in terms of business?

You can only engage in the following types of business activities:

  • Creating a company or industrial venture.
  • Sale/purchase/trade.
  • Taking part in technical and business discussions.
  • Manpower is being sought.
  • Participating in trade shows and exhibitions.
  • For a current project, an expert/specialist is needed.
  • Organizing tours.


What is the Checklist for India Business Visa?

Even if you’re about to apply for a business eVisa, make a checklist. A list will come in helpful if you need to keep track of specific documents or goods. Here’s what you should cross off your to-do list.

  • Passport: Your passport must be valid, and it is preferable if it is useful for at least six months after your departure date.
  • Scan the information page of your passport: another item on your to-do list is to scan the information page of your passport. When you apply for the visa, you will be needed to upload it.
  • Digital photo: You will be asked to provide a digital photo of yourself as part of the application process.
  • Credit/debit card or PayPal account: Almost everyone has a credit or debit card these days. Paypal accounts are less prevalent, yet some people still use them.
  • A copy of your business card: you can scan it or snap a photo of it.

How to apply for an URGENT INDIA VISA?

The fast procedure entails a more thorough examination of the completed application form and any accompanying papers. When compared to the conventional application, this saves you many workdays of waiting time. This option is only accessible for tourists, business travelers, and medical travelers applying for an e-visa in India.

What is the cost of an urgent India visa?

An extra price of £17.50 is levied for urgent India visa applications. This charge is in addition to the standard visa price of £109.95 per person. The fee can be paid quickly and easily online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.