Product Image Retouching

Image Editing or 3D Visualization for ecommerce product presentations?

Image Editing for ecommerce product images

In today’s digital world, digital images play an important role for every e-commerce business. Be it for sales or for marketing.The first impression is the last impression. It’s the overall look and feel of the product that grabs customers’ attention in a second. If the image quality is low and the pixels are scattered, customers will discard the decision to buy the product. They think that the quality of the product would be of a low standard as well.

The goal here is to capture the attention of customers through the vivid presentation of the brand. There are two ways to create product images: Product photography withimage editing or 3D visualization of products.

Professional product photography with post-production image editing allow to improve the visual product presentation and make it look more vivid and attractive to your customers.

Using advanced Photoshop techniques, the image editors edit and rework the product image: image cropping and resizing, noise reduction, background removal, color correction, portrait retouching, HollowMan retouching, photo retouching and photo montage, and much more.

You get high-quality and creatively edited product images for your online customers and social media presentations. Major benefits for your eCommerce business:

– Edited images improve the overall impression of the website

– Vivid images become a powerful tool for marketing and branding and attract the most attention from potential customers

–Manipulating, retouching and montage of the images adds features, creativities andto the overall product image and help to present the advantages or applications of the products.

–High-quality images create a positive and lasting impression of your brand image on your customers and there for help with better conversion rate for the online stores

3D product visualization for ecommerce

Every online retailer faces the challenge of depicting all products as precisely as possible in their own online shop – and 3D visualization makes it possible.

Professional 3D rendering makes it possible for products to be displayed in a photo-realistic way – if necessary, from different angles and in different versions. For example, if a retailer offers a sofa in numerous different upholstery fabrics, the sofa can be displayed in every version offered with the help of the 3D visualization if required. This would not even be possible with real photos since the sofa would first have to be produced in every version and then photographed.

Of course, high-quality 3D product visualization also has its price and is therefore more recommended for products with higher value, but it offers almost endless display options. The product can be presented freely or in any environment. In this way, the customer not only gets a first impression of what the product – e.g. the sofa already mentioned – looks like, but also how it looks in the room. If necessary, you can also create different rooms with different furnishing styles to offer the customer even more impressions and to increase interest in the product.

Photography & image editing and 3D visualization have their own advantages and are suitable for different ecommerce product presentations purposes. For example, bulky products such as furniture that are not easy to be transported shall better be considered to be rendered and presented in 3D models rather than using product photography. For smaller items that have less value, product photos with image editing will do perfectly the work for ecommerce purposes.

Nevertheless, when promoting an online store, it is essential to useoptimized product images for better online sales. Simply uploading an unedited photo certainly does not lead to maximum clicks and attention. There are plenty of software tools available for image editing or modelling online. However, to achieve the maximum optimization of the product presentation, companies should choose professional image editing service provider, or 3D agencies.Just as in many businesses, costs is not the only factor in your decision making process. When you look for a reliable service provider, you shall also evaluate their management quality, workflow competence, processing time, word quality and reputation. Overall, these factors play a crucial role in driving more ecommerce sales to the site.