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How to Lead a Better Team and Be a True leader at Work

Achieving both charismatic leadership and efficiency can seem impossible. Are there ways to be a successful manager while also being respected and liked by your staff?

There are many examples of poor team leaders that fail in one area or another or both. But, we’ve also seen great managers who can manage both.

How do they do that?

It is essential to stick to few proven methods that will help them keep positive karma and remain efficient. Here are 11 intelligent management strategies to make your Team a better boss and leader.

1. You should create a management strategy that you stick with

There’s nothing worse than a boss who constantly changes opinions and assignments based on their mood or which book they’ve read this week. Chaotic decisions can lead to frustration and insecurity for your Team. So it’s best to establish your strategy and stick by it.

If you discover some new methods you want to teach your staff, make sure they do not contradict the general direction you are giving. If this happens, you run the risk of making your Team take two steps back.

2.Set Goals and Track Progress towards Reaching Them

This might seem obvious at first, but often we get bogged down between monthly reports and daily customer requests. The bigger goal or vision is lost.

3. Demand learning from your Team

You can also provide education courses for employees or invite informal lecturers. This will help to motivate and inspire your Team. In addition, it is possible to encourage peer learning by asking employees who have particular skills and experiences to pass them on to their co-workers.

4.Invest in a Happily Work Environment

Research has shown that a well-designed workplace environment can help increase productivity by as high as 20%. In addition, you’ll be amazed to find that even the smallest interior development can improve the performance of your workers.

5. Give your Team your best

 Most times, when people leave their jobs, they leave their managers. Therefore, although being friendly and sincere might not be enough for a manager to succeed, it is essential.

6. Flexible hours

The traditional Monday to Friday 9 to-5 job is disappearing. More people are choosing to work remotely or with flexible hours. We can expect this trend to continue. Employers offer more flexibility and options for workers to adjust to changing work habits.

Let your employees decide their preferred work hours while keeping the 8 hour day. One example: Night owls may be unproductive if their work starts before 10 AM. While others might prefer to finish at 7 PM, they will still be productive.

7. Track your Team’s productivity time

You can make your employees slack and not monitor their progress. However, instead of letting things go with the flow, you should consider installing time-tracking software on your employees’ computers and see who’s doing great and who might need a productivity boost.

It is important to remember that you do not have to be the big brother of your employees and keep tabs on every action they take. Use the time-tracker as an intelligence tool to increase suspicion, insecurity, and happiness for your employees.

8. Use only constructive critique

Constructive critique is often expressed in a friendly, not an antagonistic manner.

Your Team should be given constructive, specific, sincere, and helpful feedback when evaluating their performance. Give praises without being shy, but also be direct.

9. Don’t treat yourself differently

Your Team will observe the actions of your boss directly or indirectly. This means that your Team often looks up to you and can mimic your attitude towards the company. It is hard to find a leader that inspires and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Your employees should be able to come to work on time and stay for eight hours. Then, do it yourself, and encourage others to follow your example.

10. You can empower your employees

They don’t motivate their employees and assume they love to work in their company. Unfortunately, this belief can lead companies to suffer, especially now that they need reliable workers.

To allow your employees to express their ideas and thoughts, you can enable flat organization. Your company may reap the benefits of employee feedback and their unique ideas.

Another option is to start an initiative in which employees can freely share and pitch business ideas to the company’s founders. If the argument is approved by management, the project may be developed. The employee can also receive equity options.

11. Develop a company culture

It also includes the company’s vision, values, and goals.Horizontal Corporate Cultureand Conventional Corporate Culture are two examples of company culture.

It doesn’t mean that you have to follow pre-existing patterns when creating your corporate culture. You can think of your staff as a group, a family, or even a camp for hippies, depending on your business.

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