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How to get accounting service for local legal set up company

Local Singaporean setup company provides all types of accounting services to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form, the field of activity, and the number of employees.

Our experts will help you to competently maintain the financial statements of the company, guaranteeing complete confidentiality and observance of commercial secrets.

By making a choice in favor of an outsourcing company, you not only receive all types of accounting services in one place but also significantly optimize the organization’s cash flow over profit.

This is due to the fact that you do not have to maintain a whole staff of employees, spend money on improving their qualifications, and also purchase specialized software.

Depending on the needs of your organization, our specialists are ready to both undertake complex accounting services for the enterprise and offer one-time accounting services; company registration, and accountant consultation.

All types of accounting services provided by Business Analytica are listed below.

Types of accounting services

Accounting service

Development of rules for interaction between a client and an accountant; advising on the choice of a taxation system; formation of accounting policy; chart of accounts and document management system; organization of accounting, tax, personnel records. Setting up remote access to the 1C database, “Bank-Client”. Creation of an electronic digital signature for remote reporting.

 declaration for individuals

Assistance in filling out the declaration, drawing up a tax deduction, preparing a notification about opening an account abroad and local Singaporean setup company, etc.

One-time accounting services

We will draw up a notice on the trade fee, a separate division, the application of a simplified and patent taxation system. We will order a certificate from the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate about open accounts, prepare a response to the request of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate for clarification, and make a request to the local Singaporean setup company on the application of legislation. A set of documents for the processing of personal data in Rostrud, etc.

Accountant consulting for a local setup company

Free express assessment of the state of accounting; selection of the optimal organizational and legal form and taxation system; setting up accounting policies, chart of accounts, accounting registers; optimization of document flow in the company; development of measures to reduce the tax burden; proposal of measures to reduce the costs of accounting.

Accounting expertise

We will analyze the state of accounting, show errors and options for their correction. We will do express analysis on the basis of 1C for free.

Registration of enterprises

We will prepare a set of documents for state registration / re-registration. Registration of a separate subdivision. Liquidation.

Recruiting an accountant

We will help you select an accountant of the required qualifications, both for the primary and for the site, as well as the Chief Accountant. The test system will reveal the level of knowledge of the candidate, the interview – his professional qualities.

Recovery of accounting

We will carry out the restoration of accounting according to the results of an audit, in case of data loss, unfair accounting. We will hand over updated reports and minimize fines.

Accounting setting

Let’s choose the optimal local Singaporean setup company. We will set up the initial accounting parameters for the efficient operation of the company in the future.

Accounting support

Consulting on the choice of the optimal local Singaporean setup company system; development of accounting policies; document management system, chart of accounts. Consulting on the choice of the optimal taxation system; development of accounting policies; document management systems.

Cost of services

cost of services accounting

We treat each order as an individual one. Prices for accounting services are determined by the labor intensity of the work, the assortment of the nomenclature, the degree of automation of accounting at your enterprise.


We offer the service of bookkeeping and tax accounting to organizations operating under a general taxation scheme and a mixed taxation scheme.

Accounting outsourcing

Preparation of primary documentation; making payments; preparation of cash documents; preparation of advance reports and consignment notes; reconciliation of settlements with suppliers and contractors, as well as with buyers and customers.

Accounting services

Checking the correctness of the preparation of primary documents, correcting erroneous entries, comparing all the required reporting forms.

Accounting services for individual entrepreneurs

Preparation of a set of documents for registration; advice on the choice of taxation; assignment of statistics codes; payment of state fees; opening a bank account; registration with the Pension Fund; registration with the IFTS; registration with the Social Insurance Fund.

Accounting and audit

Preliminary examination of the accounting system existing at the enterprise; assessment of the scope of work of the audit; clarification of the deadline for the end of the audit; formation of a working group of specialists, creation of a documentary base; checking the correctness of accounting.

Accounting services for organizations

Accounting services; restoration of accounting; local Singaporean setup company. examination of accounting; recruitment; registration when opening and operating a business; Management Accounting.