Gaming Mouse

How To Find The Best Gaming Mouse

The best gaming mouse you can buy this year depends on the types of games you play and your personal needs. Everyone has their own preference, and there are many different types of mice on the market today, each with their own unique features. While you may find a few common features between mice, you will find the differences to be most extreme when comparing different models. It is important to understand what you are looking for in a gaming mouse so that you do not waste time or money on a model that will not perform as you desire.

Gaming mouse is customizable buttons:

One important feature to look for in your next Gaming Mouse is customizable buttons. There are some popular models that come with over four thousand customizable buttons, many of which can be changed in game to allow you to target specific buttons to specific actions such as switching weapons or changing items. This makes it easy to quickly switch from one hand to the other without having to switch your arm, which is especially helpful when playing the more competitive games on the market.

Gaming mouse great is its comfortable design:

Another important feature that makes a gaming mouse great is its comfortable design. Some of the more expensive models available today include a rubberized wrist rest, which helps to reduce fatigue during long hours of use. Other popular features include DPI and weight, with some mice providing up to seven hundred DPI. The higher the DPI, the larger the buttons and wider the mouse grip, meaning that even the cheapest mouse will provide a more comfortable design and more accurate tracking.

Affordable models:

Some of the more affordable models available on the market today include the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, which sports an oversized mouse pad with a comfortable rubberized wrist rest. Some of the newer heavy-duty mice include a two-button scroll wheel and a laser optical center laser that eliminate the need for a right-handed gamer. Gamers who play mostly on the left-handed side may find the lack of a right-handed model to be inconvenient, though there are still several options available on the market. The best gaming mouse for either style of gamer is sure to have the features that best suit their individual needs. Let’s take a look at the different buttons and features that can make the difference between a great mouse and a bad one.

 Steelseries SX:

First, check price. If you don’t plan to spend much money on a gaming mouse, consider buying a mouse with on-board memory and a customizable light sensor. Logitech’s G502 lightspeed, for example, has advanced sensors that can detect button clicks up to two hundred times per second. For a more budget-conscious option, try the Steelseries SX. It has a standard six-buttons design and can be easily customized with five extra buttons that change the light speed and sensitivity. If you want something with a little more pizzazz, try the Steelseries Qarth Steelseries RZR-X Advanced; it features a fully programmable five-way directional pad and a large DPI sensitivity range that offer a true feeling of mouse control.

 Optical dpi:

Next, check out the DPI. High DPI means that the mouse will sense movement at a higher level of accuracy, which means that the movements will register with more precision than a lower-DPI model. The two most common measuring techniques for DPI, however, are the optical and laser dpi measurements. The optical dpi refers to how precise a mouse can read an image while the laser dpi refers to the number of pixels that a laser can register.

Gaming mouse function:

Finally, check out the buttons. While most computer mice have all seven buttons, the best gaming mice also usually feature some extra functions, such as programmable hot keys, scroll wheel, auto repeat, and even random key controls. Make sure that the extra buttons on the mouse are programmable and comfortable to use. The reason is that there are situations where a user may need to perform a task repeatedly, requiring them to press a series of buttons in order to get through the process. If they are uncomfortable pressing a button, they will not be able to maximize their gaming experience.


The Logitech G502 LED Lightweight laptop mouse is perfect for any serious gamers. The lightweight design is comfortable to use for long hours at a time, and it has a programmable , making it easier than ever to control your gaming. With its precision optical and laser dpi, it lets you do everything in precision with the comfort of your hands. If you are looking for a mouse, make sure to check out the Logitech G502 LED Lightweight Computer Mouse.