How to Clean Golf Balls

How to Clean Golf Balls: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Balls Shiny

Golfing is an activity that many people enjoy, but not everyone wants the cleaning process. How to clean golf balls can be a daunting question for some, and with this guide, you’ll never have to worry again! This blog post will show you how to wash your golf balls without damaging them or using harsh chemicals. All it takes is water and a soft cloth, but if soap is necessary, make sure it’s a mild soap that won’t damage the rubber cover on the ball. Gentle pressure and circular motions are also important when cleaning your golf balls so that dirt from the course doesn’t get caked onto them during play which can cause rusting; so, by following these easy steps, you will have healthy-looking golf balls; at all times! Read more..!

Importance Of Cleaning Golf Balls

Importance Of Cleaning Golf Balls:

Golf balls need regular cleaning, so make sure to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning and care are essential if you want to get the best out of your golf balls for longer. So why is it vital to keep the ball clean? The performance of your ball can be directly affected by how clean or dirty they are. If the dirt in your ball is too heavy, it will affect its performance by making it fly off course or bounce erratically on the green; so, if you want to keep getting that perfect shot every time, cleaning up after play can be a big help!

No matter what type of golf balls you own, from expensive ones to cheap ones, they all require the same care and attention.

A clean ball will

  1. fly faster
  2. go further and more smoothly, especially in windy conditions better than a dirty or rusty one.

Some exclusive ways to clean a dirty golf ball are as follows: 


  1. The dishwasher is an easy and quick way to clean golf balls, but bear in mind that if your dishwasher belongs to you, the balls may damage it.
  2. Soak and scrub – try cleaning balls using household materials, which will help loosen the dirt around the rubber cover on the ball.
  3. Chemicals – Ammonia, white vinegar, bleach, or denture cleaning fluids can all help to loosen the grime from your golf balls.
  4. Concrete mixer – If you’re dealing with tough dirt, maybe a concrete mixer and crushed almond shells can help. The spinning motion and the crushed shells will gently exfoliate and remove dirt from the ball’s crevices.


There are many ways to clean golf balls, and among them is washing with water only. Make sure that your soap is mild enough not to damage the rubber around the ball, and use firm circular motions when you clean it. To learn more about the cleaning process, check out the expert guide on homemade golf ball cleaner.

The best time for this process of cleaning your balls is after playtime to prevent rusting from dirt on the course.

With all the information you’ve learned from this article, we hope your golfing experience is more pleasant. If you want to know anything else about how to keep your ball shiny or find out other helpful tips and tricks for playing a round of golf, please feel free to contact us at any time! We would love to answer any queries you may have in detail. In addition, if you are looking for more helpful tips to make your golfing experience better, you can also read how to hit a golf ball straight. Happy Golfing!