Pastor Jamal Bryant's Advice for Smoking Weed & What Hood Evangelist's Thoughts About.edited

Hood Evangelist On Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Cannabis Business

The Black church has always been a big part of people’s lives. They are the community one could go to for prayer, leadership, and community. But the Black church is still a place that is not always the most welcoming place for people of color. Black churches are often seen as a safe haven for Black men, but that’s not always the case. What is the solution? Pastor Jamal Bryant received a lot of criticism for openly discussing Black men smoking weed, but his solution is getting quite a bit of attention. Jamal has a solution for getting Black men interested in his church and he is going viral for it again.


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He posted a video on Colby Mitchell Leaked Video on her “Hood Evangelist” YouTube channel. Let’s start off by discussing Colby Mitchell.

Hood Evangelist uploaded a video about this entitled “Hood Speaks On Jamal Bryant, Single Ladies!! And Church Culture Holy Spirit” Watch it to know what she said:

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