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Freelancing – How to start from Home

Do you love to write?

Would you like to take your writing career to the top?

How about writing for the independentclients’right by home?

Well, if this is how the case sound, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we are going to walk down the basics of how to start freelancing and how to offer the writing services right from home.

Do you know what is freelancing and how it works? Well, if this answer is a big no, then don’t worry as we are going to take the start right from the scratch.


Since the pandemic, things have gone 180 degrees along with the workplaces that have went through a rapid transformation and the swift development in terms of working and hiring as well. In the meantime, when people were being fired from their jobs, the concept of work from home and remote working accelerated among the professional industries.

Before the pandemic, the concept of remote working wasn’t that famous among the commoners but since the COVID-19 originated and took over the world, people started losing their jobs! This in turn directed them towards the option of freelancing- the most developed and progressive career in today’s era!

A report was conducted in the past by essay writing service that showed, almost 53% of the workers around the globeare freelancers and are thriving in the competitive world by doing freelancing.

Basically, freelancers are committed to provide some sort of services to their clients and in return, they get the money that should be decided right in the beginning of the order.

Nowadays, the most in-demand career is of writing and a lot of the freelancers are getting hired for their exceptional writing services and affordable charges.

If you have the talent of writing and you feel that you would turn out be a powerful asset to the writing industry in freelancing then you should go for it.


No matter if it is the career of a freelance writer or the freelance web designer, graphic designer, or even developer, the professional industry of freelancing is developing with each passing day. People are now working right from their home on their own choice of charges for their very own clients.

The day is not far when we all would become a couch potato and would be working from our home, sounds funny but this is what the truth is!

You might feel strange but a report published by assignment writing service USA stated,in the year of pandemic 2020, around 2 million workers joined the freelance industry and are now generating their full-time income by doing their choice of freelancing jobs.

Do you want to earn all by sitting at home as well? Don’t you want to make double of your writing talent?

Let’s break the steps of getting started with the career of freelance writer in this long guide, make sure to hold on to the seat belts because in this long and comprehensive guide. We are going to experience a deep dive into the industry of freelancing centered upon the writing career.

Choose the niche carefully:

Choosing the niche could be the most difficult task for you but here you have to make a keen decision. Be precise and unique and choose your niche very carefully. Conduct an extensive research and go with your interested field.

Set up your own blog or website:

Setting up your very own blog and website can help you to get the clients and customers for your writing service. Make sure to showcase your best of the work to attract more clients for your services.

Create great portfolio and sample work:

Ensure to reflect the great portfolio and samples of your written work. Once you have maintained your own sustainable worth, there would be no looking back. You will already win half the battle with the great samples.

Check the writing jobs:

Check out all the writing jobs that are available for the remote working. Make sure to submit your job application for the remote working and get into the touch with the clients along with the great of the samples.

Collect the testimonials:

Don’t forget to ask your clients for the review and rating of your service. Testimonials play a vital role in bringing more customers to your profile. Ask your clients to leave a review about your service.

Networking is the key/ Join the groups:

Grow your network over the professional community of LinkedIn. Join different groups that are available on social media platforms for the connection with the experts and masters of writing field.

Set and raise the bar:

Decide the pricing right from the day one and set your own bar. Also, keep raising the bar with the quality of your work in progressive direction. This would help you to maintain your worth in the market.

Expect the unexpected:

Freelancing is not always the most glamorous or the highest paying field. You may have some rainy days during the provision of the service so never lose the hope and keep growing in the writing industry.

Keep growing:

Writing is the key. Make sure to write every day. Do not miss it because this is your profession. Keep growing in this rapidly-growing market like a boss. Your practice would elevate your quality of the service as well.

Learning is your best friend:

Best friends for the writers is learning. Keep learning for your own development. Take some courses, join the online virtual sessions about the freelancing and keep growing. You can also learn SEO and content management to enhance your range of services.


With the help of these basic steps, you would be able to work as freelance writer right from your home. These steps are the basic ones and would help you to stand tall in the freelancing industry. Give it a try and let us know in the comments!

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