CKO Kickboxing cost

CKO Kickboxing Prices and Information

If you have been looking for an excellent way to exercise and stay healthy, try kickboxing. Kickboxing is a fun and effective activity that can help you get in shape while enjoying time with friends and a competitive edge. In this blog post, I will be giving you the information you need to know about the CKO Kickboxing prices, especially if you are on a budget.

What is CKO kickboxing?

CKO kickboxing is a martial arts program designed to help people who want to learn self-defense. This program is a great way to learn how to defend yourself in the face of violence. It is also a great way to protect yourself in a safe and controlled environment. CKO kickboxing offers a variety of classes and programs designed to fit the needs of every student. You can choose to take a class or buy a package to get the whole experience. They also offer a variety of styles for kids.

Cost of CKO kickboxing

Prices for CKO Kickboxing vary depending on the location and the package you choose. For example, a single class for a first-time visitor will cost around $20. For a monthly membership, the price is approximately $150. For a 12-month membership, the price is about $700. The price will also vary depending on what type of package you choose. There are packages for one month, three months, six months, and 12 months.

CKO kickboxing classes

CKO Kickboxing is a great place to learn self defense and stay in shape. CKO is a great place to learn how to defend yourself from an attacker, protect yourself from becoming an attacker, and protect yourself during a fight. CKO offers a variety of classes for all levels of people. The types are for all fitness levels, including beginners and advanced. CKO also has classes for kids and teens. The classes are also affordable, making it easier to learn self defense.


CKO Kickboxing offers a full range of classes for all levels of fitness. For beginners, the most popular classes are Beginners and Kids. There is also a class for adults called Men’s Fitness. The last class is an advanced class that is designed for people who are already in great shape. CKO Kickboxing offers a full range of classes for all levels of fitness. For more, visit: CKO Kickboxing cost.