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Are Preserved Flowers Expensive or Affordable?

Expensive or affordable, it’s actually relative. Many factors influence our understanding of price.

To work around this, we can actually do consultation and ask for recommendations before deciding to buy. Choose preserved flower Singapore that you can trust. Then ask them for recommendations. Tell us your budget and they will help you choose flowers according to your budget.

Preserved Flower Quality

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that are preserved with special techniques to maintain the authenticity of flowers. Compared to dried flowers, preserved flowers have the appearance of living flowers with a fresh finish. You can enjoy preserved flowers for years without the need for water. Preserved flowers are also easy to care for and clean, so they are often used as room decorations or gifts.

You certainly want to enjoy the bright colors and soft textures for a long time, right? For that, you should put it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Also, avoid places that are humid or have high temperatures. Of course, it is not difficult to do that. With proper care, you can enjoy the beauty of these flowers for a long time.

For a long time, it was thought that when dried they lose their smell, but no, this only happens to flowers that are dried traditionally. During the drying process, they lose moisture and therefore become dehydrated. But this does not mean that they are short-lived. In fact, they can stay like the first day for at least two years.

Preserved flowers can be given to loved ones so they can be remembered for a long time or used as home decorations. Several table decoration entrepreneurs also take advantage of this eternal flower to beautify the appearance of a decorated table.

The advantages of having preserved flowers are quite a lot, including how to care for this relatively easy flower. In contrast to fresh flowers which require adequate water, air, and sunlight, preserved flowers do not need any of these. In fact, you can store preserved flowers in an air-conditioned room every day.

Difference between Preserved Flowers and Dried Flowers

Preserved Flowers are different from dried flowers. However, many people think that Preserved Flowers are the same as dried flowers.

Though the two are different. Dried flowers that tend to be stiff and also dull in color, Preserved Flowers have an original texture and bright colors. In other words, Preserved Flowers are better than Dried flowers

The process of making Preserved Flowers is also not the same as dried flowers which are only dried or removed from the water content. Preserved Flower is made by rehydrating with a special liquid so that the flower sap is replaced by preservative liquid. That’s why Preserved Flower remains beautiful even for days.

How to Preserve Your Own Flowers

lily bouquet

Decorating a room with cut flowers is usually done at certain moments, such as holidays, weddings, and engagements. Unfortunately in a matter of days, cut flowers will wither and dry out. Instead of throwing them away, you can make cut flowers look fresh by preserving them. For example, if you have lily bouquet. There are several ways to preserve cut flowers. Check out some of the ways below.

Prepare some materials, such as fresh-cut flowers, glycerin, hammer, and disposable containers (eg used cardboard). For glycerin, you can buy this chemical from the nearest chemical store or pharmacy. Glycerin can preserve flowers while maintaining the color, shape, and texture of flowers as before.

The first step, cut fresh flowers in the morning. Cut flower stems at least 15 centimeters or more according to your taste. Then open the petals to the ideal position so that they look good when dried. For best results, dry immediately with glycerin because wilted flowers look less good when dried.

Then, hammer the end of the flower stem with a hammer. This step is done to make the plant can absorb the glycerin optimally.

Make a mixture of warm water and glycerin. Make the ratio of water to glycerin two to one. Then heat this liquid on low heat on the stove and boil until the glycerin dissolves. Pour this glycerin water solution into a disposable container, such as an old milk carton.

Soak the flower stems in the glycerin water solution to a depth of six inches. If the amount of solution is reduced because the flowers are absorbed, add more solution to the container. You must patiently wait at least six weeks for the glycerin solution to fully absorb into the flowers.

Hang the flower upside down when the glycerin solution is completely absorbed. This inverted position will pull the flower with the force of gravity downward. Thus, the glycerin will be more fully absorbed throughout the flower petals and prevent the petals from curling.

In the last step, you just cut the ends of the flower stems that are set due to being hit by a hammer. Your dried flowers are ready to be displayed to sweeten the room.