A Real and Perfect Guide about the Birthstones

In human beings there is a basic desire of adornment with minerals stones that drive them to dig rocks and minerals. This delivers a concept about the lure of birthstones. These birthstones have bonds with the date of births of individuals. We can have our own stone matching our date of birth to enjoy its beauty. Every gemstone has facts, potential traits and historical background.

How can we differentiate between a birthstone and gemstone?

Geological name of mineral stones is birthstones but why are these stones named as gemstones? In reality when the mineral stones are cut, polished and finally fixed in ornaments, they are pronounced as gems. Gems are evaluated on the basis of various factors.

Expanded Overview of Birthstones

Study of history reveals us about the origin of birthstones. These stones are part of the breastplate of Aaron having a bond with the 12 months of a year and all zodiac signs. Later on the research in geology has concluded that the gemstones are free from any association with the breastplate and religions.

Accepted birthstones revolve in style and availability. Sometimes, it comes to us about the ruling gemstone. In 1912 jewelers association standardized the list of gemstones that was later reviewed and updated in 1952.

Now we are discussing one by one the main tips of the birthstones according to the modern classification.

Historical Overview of January Birthstone

January birthstone is garnet. There are many myths concerning the January birthstone. One myth relates it with Persephone. It is one Greek goddess.

The reservoirs of garnet reside in deep under- ground rocks enduring temperature and pressure. The prominent garnet has a deep red color. Some people mistakenly consider it Ruby; a most precious and prominent birthstone.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

February birthstone belongs to the quartz family. It exists in crystal form in the rocks. When lava cools down, some cavities appear there. This crystal stone often resides there. In mineral form its pure color is purple. An alternative to this gemstone is onyx. Onyx is also a dynamic color variant stone.

Potential Attributes of March Birthstone

Aquamarine is a March birthstone. Sailors prefer to wear this gemstone during dangerous voyages. The word Aquamarine is an aggregate of two words “Aqua” and “marine” meaning water and sea. In short, gemstone has meaning sea-water.

 Sailors place this stone on the deck of the ship for a safe journey. Further, they place the gemstone under their pillows for protection. Alternate to this stone is bloodstone.

Dazzling Effect of April Birthstone

April Birthstone is Diamond. It is one of the four precious gemstones. Aries Birthstone Color is one main cause of its attraction. People love to wear diamond jewelry at their selected precious events. Color, carat, cut, and clarity are four factors that play vital role in determining the market value of the stone.

There is no alternative to diamond in hardness. That is why it is preferred for drilling and mining. Its use in the electronics and medical industry is inevitable. In addition to this, it is good material in powdered form to polish other precious objects.

May Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald had been the royal gemstone of Egypt. Cleopatra used to wear it. Moreover, she always presented this gemstone as gift to the royal guests.

Emerald belongs to the beryl family with green color. In natural form it is acceptable with minor birthmarks called inclusions.

 June Birthstone: Moonstone

June birthstone color is blue, white or peach. In the past civilizations, individuals were associated with its mystical energy to cultivate spiritual awareness. Further, they used to believe that it can dish up invisibility to the owner of the stone.

The dynamic refractive index of the gemstone is due to the internal layer that exits at different temperatures. When a light ray enters the gemstone, it bounces back a number of times and the stone delivers the effects of the moon light.

July Birthstone: Ruby

It is in the list of four most prized and valued birthstones. In Hindu civilizations, it had been considered a king of gems. It is a barrier to evil energies and invites blessing to the wears’ life. This stone is in the world in different colors and tones. Blue ruby is also known as Sapphire.

August Birthstone Peridot

In Egyptian civilizations, peridot is considered a jewel of the sun. It is unique in its beauty and color. This is the sole gemstone that dazzles with its inner light in the absence of sunlight.

The color of peridot varies from pure green to olive green. It is also known as Leo birthstone. An alternative to August birthstone is jade.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

 Sapphire is also member a of mineral corundum family. It is the second hardest stone in nature in mineral form. It is ruby in dynamic blue tones ranging from pure blue to light blue color hues. Its main sources are river beds. It can also be found in the crystalline limestone rocks.

According to historical myths, sapphire is a life-saving stone from envy and poison.  It is a verified remedy for colic, blindness and mental illness.

An alternative to the Sapphire for September birthstone is lapis lazuli with dark blue color having rare white spots.

Historical Background of October Birthstone

October Birthstone is Opal. This is a gemstone for Libras. It is a healing stone. It provides cure to various diseases of the eyes. It also saves the wearers from nightmares.

The Libra Birthstone Color is dynamic . The gemstone owns a play of colors matching with rainbow colors. It is national birthstone of Australia. Libra Birthstone personalities always abide by law and order and are justice lovers.

An alternate stone for October gemstone is tourmaline that is in the world in pink, blue, or green color tones.

November Birthstone: Citrine

In history Roman were the first who wore citrine. This stone has magical power to protect one from evils and snake venom poison.

A cure research has revealed that naturally in the commencement of its formation its color is blue but high temperature changes it into yellow color.

December Birthstone: Turquoise

It is one of the chosen gemstones for jewelry. Persian individuals have preferred its use in the jewelry. The stone has blue, green and gray  hues. The alternate December gemstones are zircon and blue topaz.