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7 Types of SEO to Help Boost Your Traffic

Overhauling your website for optimization directly means you will get more leads and conversions. SEO is not a one-sided road or overnight process. It takes time, effort, planning, framing strategy, and implementing it to bear the sweet fruit in positive ROI. Are you looking for the right strategy and SEO measures to boost your traffic? This article will lead you to accurate results.

1. Create user-centric Content

Users are the ones that are the epicentre of the whole web. They watch, read, or listen to your content. And also, they are the ones who are the decision-makers. So, when you create content from the user’s perspective, you can touch their right chord. Search engines have bots to find and display websites. When more users spend more time on your website, it gives a direct thumbs up to search engines.

Here the thing that matters the most is designing your content to cover user intent. There are four angles to it.

  • Users want to search for more information about your products. So, provide the details about the description. And you can even include customer’s reviews for increasing your reliability.
  • Customers look for brands on your website or your brand on the internet. Covering the brand-related content individually and categorically will land you higher in rankings.
  • Clients need to purchase products or services. Clear information about prices, discounts, and deals is the direct route to make a deal done with B2B or B2C customers.

2. Cover People also Ask within Article and FAQs.

You must have seen the People also Ask section in the search results. It has started a new trend of zero-click searches. Now, how can you make the best use of this two-sided road?

Users may look at information and move forward. Or you can increase their curiosity to the level that your content attracts them to click onto the website link. Is it really possible? Yes! Create engaging content and that addresses the pain points of the users.

Further, how to cover them? Include FAQs on your web page. Other than that, you can include user’s queries while articles. In articles, you need to cover it in detail. While FAQs can be crisp, to the point, and shorter as well.

3. Make lasting with strong visuals.

The human’s brain grabs visuals information 60,000 times faster than textual information. So, visuals are like a magic potion to leave a lasting impact on your customer’s mind. Take help of these visuals:


Images illustrate your text very effectively. They guide the readers on what actually is going on in the article. So, it engages the reader and enhances the time spent on the article.


The combination of text and images is infographics. It includes directing customers with proper icons, timelines, steps, or a list of pictures with written captions. In this way, visitors stick to the screen for a long and grab information properly.

4. Grab the power of Video

In today’s time, videos are the most significant engagement factor. You can include any media or technology into it, let it be animation, audio, images, and subtitles. Additionally, you can see a person’s performance with their facial expressions and body language.

Local SEO

So, use your Video for designing advertisements, describing your products with “How to” videos, stories, and others. If users find your interesting, they’ll share it across social media. It brings more traffic to your website without any additional effort and cost.

5. Cover Local SEO to increase your influence regionally.

You may be shining in the global market. But, if no one knows you locally, your business can’t grow beyond a limit. So, local SEO is the secret weapon to leave a mark in the local market. For this, you can follow:

  • Update your GMB listing and other local listings to increase your presence locally. If customers can find on Google, they’ll reach you through Google maps and contact number. Your operation timings and availability is also an important factor for customers to contact you or come to you directly.
  • Take into consideration the local language and slang. Do you know people use voice assistants for queries in their local language? Accordingly, you can design your content to come up on SERPs.

You can even access SEO services in India for increasing your presence locally and implement optimization techniques on your website

6. Focus on Link Building to improve website authority

Link Building is a crucial part of SEO to increase the credibility of your website in the market. Search engines consider it as a vital signal to list website top on SERPs. In return, you get more traffic automatically

 Resource Link Building

Resource websites are the niche leaders. .edu and .gov websites have the highest credibility in the market. But, they’re not self-sufficient in themselves. They provide links to helpful resources. You can create a detailed and informative post on a topic. Then, approach resource and authority websites with personalized emails.

7. Make judicious use of online media.

Online media is increasingly becoming popular amongst young people and other age categories for different reasons. Therefore, you can use it for your benefit by understanding the purpose behind its use and increasing your brand awareness by:

Online Public relations

With the advent of technology and internet expansion, more online mediums are coming upwards. You can approach online blogs, journals, and newspapers in your niche to spread the word about your website.

 Social Media Coverage

Social media is one of the easiest ways to extend your market. One-click and you’re in front of the world. You can reach people directly through short live videos.

Regular updates in your profile keep customers updated on the latest developments in your business. Post can cover many media like images, audio notes, animations, and others.


In brief, SEO marketers can’t afford to leave any leaf unturned to grab customers’ attention and attract genuine visitors. Begin from resourceful content, fully optimized images to social media marketing strategies, and link building exercises to rise above the online market. So, how are you going to implement SEO techniques?