3 Ways to feel like a celebrity when you are not one

Are you looking for an opportunity to be a celebrity? We all like to be a celebrity. Even if you cannot be a celebrity, you would like to look at one and adore that person.  There is a reality tv show which shows us how people look if they become a celebrity for even one day. It may look stupid but it happened in one tv show.

 You might be wondering how can you get that feeling of being a celebrity temporarily.  You might think that how can a person from a low middle-class family become one of the richest people and become a celebrity. Few celebrities hailed from middle-class families and become top financial managers. Stephen Laine is one such figure who has become one of the richest people and became a celebrity. Here are few tips which you might follow if you want to become a celebrity for few days.

Wear something different than regular clothes

When you want to feel like a celebrity, you just have to wear something outrageous for few days. Celebrities are not like us. When they go outside of their house, they always try to wear something outrageous which the public will notice. In most cases, people will notice their look or costume and follow it. They even launch their clothing brand. So, it is always good to have its fashion brand. However, for normal people, it is not easy to have a fashion brand. However, they can complete the circle by wearing some fancy clothes. Try to wear some stylish jackets or shiny shoes like Kayne West. You might feel like a celebrity if you wear blinking clothes which some celebrities are wearing.

Drink whatever you like

Most celebrities tend to drink. When you are looking for a quest to become a celebrity, you can try out some of the tricks by picking up your drinking habits. Most of us do like drinking whereas some don’t. In the case of celebrities, whether you are a newcomer or experienced, they start drinking at a very early age. If you want to get that feeling for few days, it will be ideal to get into some pub and start drinking.

Take huge amount charged photos

When you want to feel like a celebrity, you just have to think like them. That means you have to start believing that you are a celebrity. Most importantly you can believe that the whole world is looked upon you. You can find the best corner in your house whether it’s a balcony or in front of a mirror and go for some of the best poses you would like to do. You can go nuts when you are capturing those photos.

The best way to engage with the surrounding is to find a place that goes with your personality. You can start to take some mysterious selfies which can help you to showcase your dark side. You can also go for a moody selfie which will showcase your expression of your mood.

 You can either go for a happy selfie or a “candid” selfie which will help you to show your funny side. If you want to take a selfie with your friends, you can gather all your friends and take pics like the coolest person in town. You can post this picture on social media and become a sensation to people.


Become a celebrity also has some negative side effects. People from various medium criticizes their small mistakes. They also see many ups and downs like others. The recent case of Avielle Janelle Hernandez where this person had faced multiple complications during her father’s death. Think before you want to become one.